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Heavy Duty Shield Anchors

Heavy duty shield anchor 4 pcs / 3 pcs / 2 pcs shells used to dirt & moisture is appreciated.

High retaining power & can be removed easily.

When tightening the nut or screw the conical section is pulled into the anchor shells expanding it & wedging it inside the anchor base.

heavy duty shield anchor
Shield Anchor Body Only
Shield Anchors with Hex Bolt

heavy duty shield anchor
Sield Anchors with Eye Bolt and Hook Bolt Shield Anchors with Projecting Bolt

Using a diameter which equals the anchor diameter,drill hole to min embedment Drive the sten till washer is flush with material to be fastened
Expand anchor by tightening nut or head 3 to 5 turn

Anchor Size


Drill Dia.

Dill Depth



Pull out



40 12 45 40 100/2000 1000
M8(5/16") 50 14 55 50 50/1000 1500
M10(3/8") 60 16 65 60 50/500 2200
M12(1/2") 80 20 90 80 25/250 4200
M16(5/8") 105 25 120 115 25/200
M20(3/4") 130 32 140 130 12/96


Metric / inch size available
Stainless steel heavy duty shield anchor and special length available




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