Manufactures nylon plug with brass nut, sleeve anchors, metal frame anchors, strut nut, steel plug, cable tie in China
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Nylon Plug With Brass Nut


Size Screw Type Drill Diameter
M4X45mm Pan-Head,Posidrive 9mm
M5X50mm Pan-Head,Posidrive 12mm
M4X45mm Short-L Hook 9mm
M5X50mm Short-L Hook 12mm
M4X45mm Medium-L Hook 9mm
M5X50mm Medium-L Hook 12mm
M4X45mm Long-L Hook 9mm
M5X50mm Long-L Hook 12mm
M4X45mm C-Hook 9mm
M5X50mm C-Hook 12mm
M4X45mm Eye-Hook 9mm
M5X50mm Eye-Hook 12mm
M4X45mm Rod, Double Nut 9mm
M5X50mm Rod, Double Nut 12mm





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