Manufactures nylon nail anchors, sleeve anchors, metal frame anchors, strut nut, steel plug, cable tie in China
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Nylon Nail Anchors

Nylon Nail AnchorNylon Nail anchors are ideal for a wide variety of light load fastening in wood.hardboard, plaster, metal, cinder block, brick, slate, marble, plastic, tile, glass and concrete, It's unique design allows the nail to expand the anchor uniformly in the hole.

Technical Properties

  1. The anchor body is manufactured from virgin nylon to withstand high
    impact or snock loads. And its great tensile strength makes it unusually
    resistant to vibration loads.
  2. The nylon is resistant to chemicals,, fungus ,moisture and other
    atmospheric conditions.
  3. Electrical and thermal insulating properties are excellent. Thermal resistance ranges from -40°F+170°F.
  4. The pin is made of high strength steel and heavily zinc plated for
    maximum corrosion resistance.

Application & Installation

Drill hole same diameter as nylon anchor (3/16'' or 1/4") but slightly deeper than anchor length

Solid Application
The entire length of the nylon body is compressed against sidewalls of the hole

Insert nylon anchor through object to be fastened and into drilled hole

Hollow Application
A secure fastening is obtained when legs of anchor are expanded

Drive pin flush with head of anchor nylon anchor expands and is permanently anchored if desired the nylon anchor can be removed with a screwdriver and reused

Anchor Size

Out Size Dia. (mm)

Length (mm)

Qty. Per Pcs/Box

3/16X3/4 4.8 19 100
3/16X1 4.8 25 100
3/16X1-1/2 4.8 38 100
1/4X3/4 6.3 19 100
1/4X1 6.3 25 100
1/4X1-1/2 6.3 38 100
1/4X2 6.3 50